I am a freelance book editor based in Los Angeles. Previously, I spent twelve years with HarperCollins Publishers where I was most recently a Senior Editor acquiring for imprints William Morrow and Harper Perennial. Books that I acquired and published include: Willy Vlautin’s THE MOTEL LIFE, NORTHLINE, and LEAN ON PETE; Marjorie Hart’s SUMMER AT TIFFANY; Daniel James Brown’s THE INDIFFERENT STARS ABOVE and UNDER A FLAMING SKY (reprint); Michael Zadoorian’s THE LEISURE SEEKER, Catherine Hanrahan’s LOST GIRLS AND LOVE HOTELS; Sara James and Ginger Mauney's THE BEST OF FRIENDS; Jennifer Sey’s CHALKED UP; Marina Palmer’s KISS & TANGO; Sarah Hall’s DAUGHTERS OF THE NORTH and HOW TO PAINT A DEAD MAN; and Lola Jaye’s BY THE TIME YOU READ THIS, amongst others.

In my freelance work, I direct editorial development on behalf of publishers and agents for their contracted authors; established authors hire me during their development process in order to have an editor to work with before their book goes to their agent or editor; or I am hired by debut authors who are seeking to elevate their work and to have a creative partner before querying agents or choosing to publish independently.

In addition to my work as a book editor, I also represent novelist Katie Delahanty through The Bent Agency. Her debut novel, IN BLOOM--the first book in the Brightside series--released from Entangled Embrace in February 2014.