Blurb Magazines

Looking to create a monthly publication, a catalog, or a graphic novel? Magazines printed with Blurb look professional—slick and glossy—at a perfectly pleasing price.


Magazines: as versatile as your vision
Magazines are a beautiful, cost-effective way to get your ideas, stories, and images out to a wide audience, especially if you’re doing multiple publications a year. Blurb’s indie-publishing platform brings the power of magazine publishing—design through sales—to everyone, in both print and ebook formats.


Newsstand quality at a friendly price
Our Standard Magazines are 8.5 x 11 inches (22 x 28 cm), printed on 60# (89 gsm) coated gloss paper with a matte cover. Premium Magazines are printed on heavier 80# (118 gsm) matte paper with a semi-gloss cover. Both options look and feel just like the magazines you buy at a newsstand. And with prices starting at only US $4.99 for 20 pages, you can easily sell them for a profit.


Make it digital, too
When you design a magazine using Blurb BookWright™, you’re actually creating the print version and a digital version at the same time. Blurb makes it simple to reach new readers by letting you easily publish the ebook version to the Apple iBookstore. And our magazines are formatted to fill up the entire screen of an iPad® perfectly.


Picture-perfect layouts? It’s as easy as Blurb
Forget about complicated file setups and specifications. BookWright has ready-to-use downloadable magazine starter templates so you can dive right in, whether you’re an experienced designer or not. For creative pros, use Blurb’s plug-in for Adobe®InDesign® and fully editable starter templates for full creative control.


Agile printing and fulfillment
Making a magazine with Blurb means never having to worry about high distribution costs or long lead times. Sell directly to your audience with a Personal Storefront widget on your own website or Facebook page. And when you need copies for yourself, we’ll print as many as you need, when you need them (volume discounts apply for orders of 20 or more).



More about Blurb’s creation tools

  BookWright™    |    InDesign® plug-in    |    Fixed-layout Ebooks




Magazine designed by Diego Naive from The Noun Project
Document designed by Edward Boatman from The Noun Project
Photo-Gallery designed by Qing Li from The Noun Project

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