Amir Tuchman


Earlier in his life Amir Tuchman made a choice to develop high level philosophical concepts, which results are been incorporated in his art and writing. Amir's artistic way of life could be compared with the ways of the ancient sages who chose to lead hermetic way of life in order to attain a deeper understanding and meaning of the world's physical existence and the mankind's intellect and spirituality.

In Amir's art, the visual beauty and aesthetics is a must, nevertheless, his challenge is not confined to the experimentation with colors, shapes, and composition for decorative purposes only. The main aspect of his endeavor is a philosophical examination of human conditions on intellectual and spiritual levels in relation to the wisdom of nature.

Amir Tuchman can be described as a philosopher who implements his talent in fine art and writing, not only to question or raise awareness, but also to answer and bring new visions.

Books by Amir Tuchman