Fernando Cubillo Arias

Madrid, España

My first camera was an Olympus Trip 35 "stolen" to my parents when I was 8-9 years old. Next camera: Olympus OM2 (also "stolen"); there were the times 36 pictures for all summer.

Then I got a Kodak disc 4000 (still with me) and a video camera (8 mm Sony Pro). I begun to buy zuiko lenses for the OM2. I even got my dark room and learned how to develop.

I also got a Polaroid to try to get popular in parties. Then digital cameras came to life... After several attempts, destiny put in my hands a Canon G12 and an Olympus OM-D. I even got a Leica Minilux.

I also have a Go-pro to record my children doing sports... And a Time-lapse camera to make videos of construction sites (I own a construction company). Sometimes I use my smartphone, but not too much... I am old fashioned

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