Tokyo, Japan

In the remote mountain villages of the Pyrenees, close to the border of Spain with France, passion runs high. Passion for life, for love and of course, for good times.

Juan Carlos was born and raised here before being lured to the coast by Barcelona. Then onward to Milan, to Paris, Brussels and eventually to London. His life experiences would sit comfortably in a movie by Pedro Almodovar.

Juan Carlos´ photographic pedigree is solid. Qualifications at IDEP in Barcelona and IED in Milan led to his working on fashion shoots for Vogue Italia, Vogue Uomo and Grazia. In Sydney, he is now augmenting his experience at the renowned Australian Centre of Photography, where he was recently awarded 1st prize for his photograph: Aina.

His passions for film, for fashion, for art history and for nature give him a unique, personal edge.

His style could be described as cinematographic. It is honest, open, often raw and always inspiring.

Juan Carlos is now resident in Tokyo.

Areas of Expertise

Portrait, Family, Events, Interior Photograhy, Street Photography

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