Los Angeles, Calif

Haywood Galbreath has spent his entire career working for the rights of all media organizations, but specifically for minority-owned media outlets to have the privilege of covering major court cases and big events. In 1993, he decided to challenge the status
quo and argued for the right to be a part of the court pool for a major, ratings-grabbing criminal case. Generally speaking because of limited space, only White-owned media outlets were present at high-profile cases. That case was dubbed "The Crime of the Century: The O.J. Simpson Murder Trial". Galbreath went on to shoot two of the most memorable photos of the entire trial. One of those
images caused the Los Angeles Times to stop the presses in order to get the image into the next morning's edition. That photo was on the Times' front page. In addition, the prosecution used the photo as an intricate part of the state's evidence. During his time covering the O.J. Simpson trial, Galbreath shot over 18,000 images of the