VIRDON Publishing


Virdon is an independent Canadian publisher starting from the ground up to represent the outcasts and shine a bright spotlight on new visions.

A primary focus will highlight novellas from a variety of genres in an episodic series format. The goal is to produce inexpensive, easy to digest entertainment with a Netflix binge watching vibe.

High quality editions are available for each creation, along with easy access digital versions.

Virdon also champions all things nerdy, celebrating film with full color companion books that are 98% geek certified, battle-tested and proven.

Born on the lofty ambitions of an experienced screenwriter, ghost writer, editor, movie reviewer, and former decade long video store owner (admit it, you miss those days too), Virdon hopes to be provocative in all the best ways.

The online world affords us so many opportunities. Water the seeds.

Welcome to the first cipher of Virdon Publishing.

Writer submissions are welcome.

Books by VIRDON Publishing