Frank Lazzaro

Levittown, N.Y>

Frank Lazzaro is a Lecturer and the former White House Holiday and State Dinner "Freelance" Floral Decorator during the Ford, Carter and Reagan Administrations. His designs graced the tables of Presidents, The Queen of England, A Prince, The Governors of the United States, an Emperor and an abundance of world famed celebrities and dignitaries attending a White House State Dinner or Black Tie reception one time or another. His over-night success came quickly at the youthful age of twenty-five to this young man of "Little financial means". He grew up in a middle class neighborhood and became one of the youngest Christmas Decorators ever at the White House to hold this privilege position. Born and raised in Queens, N.Y., in a simple Italian family lifestyle, he remained in the spotlight of this elegant career with the very privileged surrounding him for twelve years, standing in the midst of the most affluent and powerful humans of the day.

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