AY Brands Co.

Plano, TX

AY Brands Co. is all about the Artist. A little about Alina Yates: "Writing became my therapy and a pressure relief from life’s instabilities. Sewing became my comfort zone, and drawing helped me relieve stress. My writings, drawings, and crafting handmade pillows started out as a hobby. After twenty years of co-workers, friends, and family seeing my work as it has evolved over the years, I started getting request for orders. In 2015, I gave these hobbies some serious thought and that was how the Alina Yates brand was born. In 2017, got together with a couple of artist and the Alina Artistry MAG. was created."

The Alina Artistry MAG. is designed to bring artistry to life by capturing and sharing other artists unique work and their stories.

Books by AY Brands Co.