Michael Davies

Pangnirtung, Nunavut ,Canada

Michael Davies was raised in a family where his imagination was nurtured. Creatively, his first language was visual. Consequently, all of his formal training had been as a visual artist at Sir Sandford Flemming School of Fine Arts. There, he focused intensely on studio work in pen and ink illustrations, painting in most mediums, glassblowing, artist blacksmith, stone carving, sculpture and photography.
Michael is an accomplished visual artist with a 12-year career in professional creative enterprises.
A life-long artist working in a variety of media, Michael’s work can be found in many private collections across the globe. He currently works in fine art photography and pen and ink illustrations from his home studio in Pangnigtung, Nunavut, Canada.
Today, living 20 km south of the Arctic Circle Michael has been given the unique opportunity to acquire inspiration from a culture and climate that most people will never experience. In his works, Michael draws from these experiences, in an

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