Leslie Hossack


Leslie Hossack is an award-winning Canadian photographer whose work has been exhibited across Canada. Focusing on the monumental events of the mid 20th century, she has completed major studies of iconic architecture in Vancouver 2008-2011 & 2013-2014, Paris 2009, Berlin 2010, Jerusalem 2011, Moscow 2012, Kosovo 2013 and London 2014. Three of these series explored: Hitler's Berlin, Stalin's Moscow and Churchill's London.

In 2015 she traveled to the landing beaches in Normandy to follow the Allies ashore, and in 2016 she traced the conflicted events of the 20th century to Freud's pre-war Vienna.

Closer to home, Hossack's exhibition FALLOUT presented photographs of The Diefenbunker, Canada's flagship Cold War bunker, while REGISTERED examined the Japanese Canadian experience during WW II. Work form her deployment to Kosovo with the Canadian Forces Artists Program was featured in her book TESTAMENT. Her other books include BERLIN STUDIEN, REGISTERED, CHARTING CHURCHILL and H-Hour.

Books by Leslie Hossack