Ludmila Ketslakh

Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

I think of myself as an explorer out to discover life while trying to record and understand the essence of human character. I am a documentary photographer addressing social issues that concern me.

Formally a Mechanical Engineer, I became a photographer. My interest in photography has been triggered by a number of factors: my desire to explore and experiment in different worlds, to seek and document unique cultures, and to advocate against the dilution of those cultures into a dangerous and dull societal conformity. My aspiration—to share the stories of the people I meet—is based upon my deep belief that the world is a beautiful and mysterious place, and that the people who inhabit it are enigmatic and fascinating creatures, each with their own unique experience.

Recently I went to Ghana to photograph the work of Ortho-FOCOS (Foundation of Orthopedic and Complex Spine) group. Working for a non-profit organization like FOCOS taught me the meaning of genuine giving.

Books by Ludmila Ketslakh