Mumbles & Things

Saint Petersburg, FL

Welcome to Mumbles & Things!

Mumbles & Things is your go to resource for a variety of witchy topics including astrology, crystals, energy manipulation, meditation and channeling your innate magic.

I'm Maggie. I'm a craft-hopping, tea-drinking, comedy-loving, cat-mama of two, an unapologetic feminist, environmentalist and social justice activist, and a deeply nerdy internet girl who loves witchcraft. (Fair warning, there is swearing here).

I'm crazy-passionate about helping you channel your personal brand of magic, because life is too freaking short to not be living your best life every. damn. day.

Areas of Expertise

Helping new witches connect with their personal power, helping experienced witches reconnect or return to their path, teaching about techniques and practices in a down-to-earth way, bring the magical into the mundane, helping to distill the wealth of information available on the internet into an easy to digest format

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