Stephanie Cerins

Duncan, BC Canada

Stephanie's goal is "to be so cheerful that other people get cheerful".

Stephanie has been studying the Art of Happiness since she was a teenager, she is now 53. Her life long dream is to radiate happiness so that there is more happiness in the Universe for all people to experience.

She shares her joy for living through the written word in her book series Personalized Affirmations To Remind Me Of My Exquisiteness. Her first self published book is called "Healing My Heart After Domestic Abuse" Personalized Affirmations To Remind Me Of My Exquisiteness.

Stephanie had a past relationship that was filled with physical and mental abuse, control issues and massive trust problems. She kept her cool through the practice of time tested positive thinking methods, meditation and praying to the Universal Source of Love.

Stephanie enhances the well being of her clientele through the practices of Reflexology, Reiki, Empathic Listening & Writing Personalized Affirmations.


Books by Stephanie Cerins