Nathan Whittaker

Minneapolis, MN, USA

Nathan Whittaker is a social justice and reconciliation educator, youth worker, white abolitionist, and activist. His passion for this work has led him to conflicted areas of Belfast, Northern Ireland and Cape Town, South Africa where he has contributed to democracy projects with young people. Nate is an Adviser at the University of Minnesota with the Civil Rights legacy program, TRIO, and an instructor for the Social Justice minor. Nate is also the volunteer Director of International Programs & Initiatives for Building Bridges, South Africa.

Nate was the 2013 recipient of the Josie R. Johnson Human Rights & Social Justice Award, U of MN Office for Equity & Diversity; 2013 recipient of the Distinguished Award for Global Engagement, U of MN Global Programs & Strategy Alliance; recognized as a learning abroad “game changer” by International Studies Abroad; and, honored by the Minnesota Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild in 2005 for his work with the General College Truth Movement.

Books by Nathan Whittaker