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Create a beautiful yearbook that’s anything but old-school. Add everyone’s photos, artwork, and text to our custom layouts and make a yearbook that makes the grade.

Salcombe Preparatory School Yearbook
Jonathan Lucas

Why make your yearbook with Blurb?

Here’s how Blurb’s family and school yearbooks get to the head of the class. We offer:

    • High-quality, long-lasting paper and bindings
    • Easy-to-use, free book-making tools
    • Several book sizes, cover options, and hundreds of layouts.
    • Quick turnaround – books arrive in 7 to 10 days
    • Social media tools that make it easy to share your book online
    • Volume discounts – order books for the whole family or class. Create a class fundraiser.

Need inspiration for your yearbook?

Learn how beautiful a yearbook made with Blurb can be. Just click on any of the covers below:

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