David S. Chouhan

Lethbridge, AB, Canada

David is a British born, Canadian raised fellow of South Asian descent, with a unique appreciation for people from all walks of life.
He spent several decades working Manufacturing & Leadership positions within large Corporations, completing extensive training, including Effective Leadership, Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution.
Eventually, he decided employment for the sake of a pay-cheque alone simply wasn’t enough. He had Life-long proven skills in Writing & Many forms of Art, plus numerous other giftings burning inside him, that were just not being utilized!

David is focusing his remaining working years on building a business to be passionate about; One in which he can Share all he has learned, AND leave a meaningful, fruitful Legacy. And who better to teach than the Children who are our future?

With that in mind, he’s utilized his latent training from Art Instruction Schools, & embraced his long buried Art/Fiction abilities to bring you these Captain CHOO books!

Books by David S. Chouhan