Samantha Clark

Toronto, ON

Oh, hello there! How kind of you to click on over here. I hope to make it worth your while and will share only the most enticing of info.

Firstly, I consider myself a young professional, a pioneer of Toronto's up-and-coming letter writing scene. My letters have traveled the world and have seen the recycling bins of many, including The Onion, Joss Whedon, Judy Blume and the Canada Aviation Museum. My Mom also really enjoys them.

Hobbit Heartache is my first novel, often described as "confusingly erotic." I consider my real passion to be young adult novels and will be working on a decidedly un-erotic one as my next project.

I'm frequently asked if I'll be writing more erotic fiction, and sadly, the answer is no. I'll be focusing on YA lit from now on, trying to make an honest name for myself and setting my sights on the Man Booker Prize. Unless you have a job offer for me. Then I'd consider it. Is it paid? Artistic and tasteful? No? Okay, yeah. I'll do it.

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