Yandea Hai El

Toronto, Canada

As a Priestess of Aba'Ma, I avail myself to be of service, assisting others in receiving the Love of the Divine First Mother and reconciling with the Divine Father-Mother. (Aba'Ma literally means Divine Father-Mother, & “to receive the love of the First Mother"). The Aba'Ma Healing Practice was established by Yandea Hai El, who specializes in this Spiritual Method of Healing. When receiving assistance from Yandea, one can expect to experience a genuine encounter accompanied by divine guidance & clarity that brings lasting peace.

In addition, Yandea is a Wife & Mom of 5 who practices conscious homeschooling (13+ yrs.). She is an Author and The Founder of "Mama Says" Publishing since 2019 and has enjoyed entrepreneurship for the past 16+ yrs .

Books by Yandea Hai El