Klaus Lang

London, Ontario, Canada

Klaus Lang is an internationally acclaimed and published photographer. Recognizing his unique color sense, a leading European dye manufacturer used a series of his images in a key advertising campaign: “Colors Show Life,” printed in the respected international yearbook “Photo GRAPHIS” in 1979.
Mr. Lang's published credits include: Camera (Switzerland) /Nova Fotografia (Italy) /Mein Schoener Garten (Germany) / Foto Zoom (Mexico) /Photo Canada /Photo Life (Canada) /Ontario Naturalist (Canada) Canadian Geographic /Tier- und Naturfotographie (Germany) / MacLean's (Canada), Photography Monthly (Britain), La Fotografia Actual (Spain), Digital Camera (Britain), and multiple publications in Nature Photographer (USA)
PHOTO Graphis 79, Time-Life: Photographing Nature/ Canada With Love/ These Things We Hold Dear (Kodak Book)/ Ontario, A Loving Look, Prince Edward County, My Toronto

Books by Klaus Lang