Linda Sheldon

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

As a resident of Victoria, Linda has observed the changing rhythms and architecture of the city and those elements that remain fixtures over time. Her portfolio predominantly illuminates texture, line and pattern found amidst ordinary or discarded items. Linda's work has been featured in Photo Life magazine, as well as exhibited in several fine arts shows in the region. Her abstract photography can be found in private homes in Victoria, Vancouver, Toronto and London, UK.

Is This Seat Taken? is a collection of images photographed in the community villages of Victoria, BC. Often unnoticed, the common chair exists among us quietly serving many functions: simple utility, a welcomed resting spot, a decorative furnishing, a constant of comfort, an object of art. As all the chairs in this compilation are empty, the author invites you to take a seat and imagine the lives and stories that have graced their paths and all the stories yet to unfold.

Books by Linda Sheldon