Barbara Jackson

Morriston, FL 32668

About 12 years ago I noticed my nephew taking pictures with the latest digital camera. I was fascinated with the fact that you could immediately see the photo. The screen was big and bright, no trying to squint and look through the tiny, out of focus view finder!

Oh! I had to have one and paid a small fortune for the pleasure of entering the modern picture taking community.

The Mavica is my old friend. I look at the pictures that were taken and are still cherished. Several cameras and many years later, wonderful advances have given me a few good shots, a little recognition and much joy.

My very rough estimate is that I have taken over 40,000 pictures in the last years. Not all printed and many, many deleted files later I decided to create my blog. 2012 was a leap year thus the "366 Favorite Photos" title.

Searching for old photos, taking new and writing my thoughts and memories and travels has been a blessing.