Gari Bui


Born in England in 1960, Gari Bui moved to Australia as a teenager. At the age of twenty-four his spiritual journey began to unfold, travelling to India, staying at the Theosophical Society and the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in South India. Ruminating on various spiritual teachings, combined with travels in the Himalayas, initiated a profound inner transformation, which has carried and influenced him through life. From that time on he has been drawn to explore his creative and communicative inner Being.

The Truth that is within all of us and which unites us in oneness with all human beings and with all Life can be accessed by anyone who is an earnest spiritual seeker. This is to be realised as the awareness of our essential Being, in the ‘here and now’, that is to be integrated within our life as part of our spiritual way of living.

Books by Gari Bui