Alex Wilson

Alex Wilson

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Alex Wilson is a fine art photographer located in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

There are a number of themes that tend to show up in Alex's work: Focus and its ability to direct attention, near-abstraction, and implied/ambiguous/multiple meanings are common elements that his books explore. Making an image that can elicit an emotional or intellectual response from a stranger or someone who has not first-hand experience with the subject matter is, in Alex's view, what makes a good photograph.

Photographs have the ability to freeze and capture a moment of time, but they also have the ability to obscure reality. Whether it is the pose, angle, crop, focus, or exposure, an image can hide just as much as it reveals. There is truth in photography, but there is also mystery, deception, and obfuscation.

The Lacunal book series is an ongoing project to showcase Alex's work, with each volume focusing on certain themes, styles, or projects.

Books by Alex Wilson