Chester Hopewell

Atlanta, Georgia

A poet and conceptual artist, Chester Hopewell observes the worlds around and within him, recasting human experience into philosophical musings.

In 2011, he began posting his poems to telephone poles in cities across the United States. With the Telephone Pole Poetry Project, Hopewell aimed to bring the art of poetry to new audiences as they moved through their everyday lives. He held his first solo show, "A Poet's Notebook," in Atlanta in May 2017.

After years of collaboration, Hopewell and Chris Gummo co-founded The Messengers, an art collective focused on the creative process. They made there debut with the immersive and interactive exhibition "Making the Make: An Experience About the Process of Creating Stuff” in August 2019.

Hopewell continues to believe that we must fight to run away.

Books by Chester Hopewell