Christopher Hostettler

Columbus, OH

Chris loves to sail the open seas, brave the fiercest storms, and slay the deadliest dragons. . . . Or, at least, that’s what his boyish imagination would tell you. In the real world, he is a husband, father, and police sergeant who has developed a passion for writing. His reserved nature is contrasted by his surprisingly stubborn spirit, which often presents as either staunch perseverance (commendable) or a firm hardheadedness (not always so endearing).

Chris struggles greatly with the mundanities of life but loves to escape to the world inside his head. Although he often seems detached from the world around him, his mind is always busy exploring the unseen realms.

Chris believes this life on earth is but a shadow of what comes next, and he longs for the day he’ll be whisked away in the arms of his heavenly King. Until then, my friend, he’ll continue to lend his gifts to the task at hand—whether mopping the deck, or casting a vision, or taking his final stand!

Books by Christopher Hostettler