Dalian Adofo

London, United Kingdom

Dalian Adofo is a multi-skilled, multimedia artist with over 8 years experience in the industry working as a creative consultant, graphic and web-designer on projects spanning the commercial and community sectors. He is also an e-learning professional specialising in the use of technological artefacts in education in the United Kingdom.

A prolific writer on social issues and an avid photographer, he facilitates creative workshops for young people in inner-city London and internationally to provide them with opportunities for self expression and the acquisition of job-specific skills.
Dalian’s creative artistry also includes poetry, academic theses, fictional short-stories, hand-drawn sketches and artwork in oil pastels.

Dalian holds a BA (Hons) in Information Design, a PGCE in Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) and a Masters (MA) degree in ICT in Education. He currently works as a teacher in London and as a freelance visual architect.

Books by Dalian Adofo