Douglas Leadbetter

British Columbia, Canada

I am married with two wonderful daughters and a little goofy dog who makes us smile every day! I have worked at everything from building ski lifts through to leading research groups. Somewhere along the way I got two Bachelors degrees and one Masters as well as a diploma in leadership studies. I have attended UVIC, UBC, SFU, and Royal Roads University. I love to write and present and help people realize their inate potential. We all have amazing potential if only we could learn how to be effective.

That's what this book is: every step, tool, and technique you could ever imagine packaged in a way that is intended to make you more effective, daily. I wrote this so you can find your health, your wealth, your happiness, and most importantly -- your deep purpose in life.

This is no BS. This is the real thing. Everything here is from my life to your life with complete and positive intention. Take the chance.

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