Brynn Foss Rydell

Vaughn, WA USA

I've lived over half my life doing the usual things that one does in life and pretty much stayed out of trouble.
I married, raised boys, various dogs, cats, birds, turtles, gerbils and injuried animals.
I've had various jobs through my younger years...too numerous to name, besides who cares.
I taught school at the middle school level for 16 years.
Coached girls volleyball.
Program Director for Two Waters Arts Alliance.
Now I play with molten glass and silver.
What a life!
Lots of great friends....thanks to ALL of you!
Wonderful books to read, fabulous beaches to walk, good wine to share with friends, group dinners with all of us wonderful cooks. (Theres another book in the future.) And of course my wonderful boys. They keep me laughing and sprouting more gray hair.
Living life and hopeful for the future.

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