Janet Jaffke and L ShoulterKarall

Alsace, France

Janet Jaffke is an international fiber and mixed media artist. She was born and raised in Chicago, and now resides in a small farm town in Alsace, France. She graduated from the Chicago School of the Art Institute where she focused on textile design and fiber art.

Janet uses her sketchbook as a place of quick expression and discovery and often shares her explorations on social media. Some of these images caught the eye of Laurie ShoulterKarall, an avid reader, author, and editor, living across the ocean in Chicago. Laurie began writing stories in response to the narratives she saw in Janet's work. Over time, the two continued to toss the images and words back and forth, like the childhood game of catch. Some of these interactions have been assembled under the artistic direction of fellow artist Kim Laurel in the book called Catch.

Books by Janet Jaffke and L ShoulterKarall