Kerik Kouklis


Home is something that I’ve been thinking a lot about for the past couple of years. After 30 years in our last home, in 2021 we pulled up stakes and moved 350 miles from the Sierra Foothills to California’s Central Coast, two miles from the ocean. We moved from the hot summers and cold winters of the foothills to the moderate climate of the Central Coast. Although at first, everything was unfamiliar, at the same time I knew we had made the right choice. The feeling of being home was there from the start.

I’ve had similar experiences in my travels over the last eight years since I left the corporate world and have spent a lot of time exploring places like Mongolia, Iceland, Japan, The Galapagos, Norway, Scotland, and more. Some places I’ve been to repeatedly. But all these places represent Home to me in their own ways. Travel has greatly enriched my life and my understanding of the people who share the planet with us. I am often humbled by how their life experience differs from mine.

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