Michael Puskas


I'm a 62yo truth seeker and alchemist born and based in Australia with my conscious eye on liberated human evolution. My creator self projects resonance with my environment which reflects my human experience in every given moment. My resonance with the quantum world is what manifests my planer reality everyday. I am a composer and musician by passion and drive and I love interacting with other people which is at the core of my connection with divine source.

I love animals and plants and adopt a permissive based conscious outlook when interacting intentionally with nature and the natural world. I'm mindful of my lustful addiction to technology and work hard to balance my screen time with that of real time engagement with the external world and its many constructs.

I meditate with clear intention daily to find and anchor my spiritual center, and am diligent in keeping my living and working space free of toxic energy, people and frequency's from the internet and online interference.

Books by Michael Puskas