Mostardesign Studio


Mostardesign is an independent creative studio based in France specializing in the interactive and static visual arts.
The company founder, Olivier Gourvat, originally worked as a graphic designer for various agencies, producing artwork, logotypes, corporate publicities and print layouts. He later joined the team at Chronicle Editions to create image content, cover designs, illustrations and maps for numerous books on the history of the twentieth century. Following his printing experience, he pursued web design and interactive web functions, founding a website company with three associates in 1999. He established his own creative studio in 2004.

Mostardesign studio now offers innovative artistic direction, graphic design and typeface creation for clients worldwide.

The studio is available for Freelance and commissioned work.

Areas of Expertise

Art Direction, Graphic design, Branding, Photography, Illustrations, Typeface creation, , Motion graphics.

The studio offers

• Creative design, Art direction and visual communication
• Photoshop / Illustrator / InDesign / After Effects / Fontlab
• Ten years of experience
• Passionate by what I do

Professional Affiliations

Our work has been featured in books, magazines such as Zupi Mag (Brazil), Root Magazine (Italy), Netdiver Magazine (Montréal), News Today (USA), ROJO TV and ROJO Magazine (Spain), How Design (USA), New Web Pick (Japan), Semi-Permanent Book (Australia), Color Management Book - (USA), Computer Love.

ROJO Magazine
Semi-Permanent Book
Color Management Book (The comprehensive guide for graphic designer)
Zupi Magazine
Zeixs Typography
Zeixs Graphic Design
Websites 2

Books by Mostardesign Studio