Vicky Crassous

Bayonne, NJ, USA

Hello! I'm Vicky Crassous. I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, and moved to the US when I was 15. I started as a Fashion Designer and currently hold a position as a Senior Merchandiser. I loved traveling the world, meeting people, learning about their cultures, admiring the art and architecture, trying the local cuisine, and capturing all the beautiful moments through my lens.

My true passion lies in exploring the world's cuisines, from street food to fine dining. Food has always been a source of fascination and joy for me. I love to share my cooking passion with friends and family because food brings people together and creates unforgettable memories. One of my most cherished moments has been the creation of this cookbook, a collaborative labor of love with my mom.

Join me as I continue to explore, create, and celebrate the kaleidoscope of life's experiences, one adventure at a time.

Books by Vicky Crassous