Paul Blackley

Totland Bay, Isle of Wight. United Kingdom

I am Wildlife Photographer living on the Isle of Wight.

My passion for wildlife inspires my photography and is a big part of who I am; one of my most memorable experiences is working with Project Jonah on the South Island of New Zealand to rescue Pilot Whales that had stranded themselves on the beach. I helped save 43 whales and it is something I will never forget. Looking into a whale’s eye and seeing it look right back at me was amazing. The whale must have been very frightened, but the look in its eye seemed to be a look of trust. I aspire to be able to capture that look with my camera so others may be able to experience what I felt. I have also been very lucky to have surfed and swam with Dolphins on numerous occasions.

We live on a beautiful planet that we share with many other animals. I hope that in my photography I portray the natural beauty around us and in doing so remind everyone how lucky we are to share this environment with such an incredible diversity of species.

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