Nam Nguyen

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The Author lives in Canada. Born and raised in Edmonton, he has traveled alot in the last 2 years of 2014 and 2015 to the USA. Namely Boston, California, Los Angelos, San diego, Hawaii and Texas and wishes to see more of the country. He studied at Nait Architectural for several years but due to an illness he was not able to complete it. The sedation of medication, combination of attitude and the illness itself did not make it easy for his learning those few years. He went to Digital School and studied The Engineering Program for specialization in oil and gas pipelines. He did very well and recieved many Certificates and a Diploma. He tutors and substitutes for students at Digital School and volunteers for charity; namely the Catholic Social Services as a mentor for children ages 10-17 and The Heart and Stroke Foundation.

He enjoys graphic design, story telling, philosophy, photography, film, digital painting, art in general, poetry and acoustic type and orchestrated music.

Books by Nam Nguyen