Dave Wilhelm


Always fascinated by the interplay of light and the world around him Dave has developed his singular visual focus into an art form. The Art of Light. The use and control of light is the photographer's primary tool and one that Dave employs in every image he creates. This skill is equally applied when working out of doors or in the studio. However, Dave's personal passions of outdoor adventuring, environmental conservation and world travel are reflected in much of his photography.

In some of his recent work he is incorporating some art techniques into his photography, including oil paints, and pastels, and has created a unique blend - The Art of Light and Paint. As Dave sums it up, "Photography is for the part I see, the painting is for the part I imagine."

Dave's photographs have appeared in numerous publications, including National Geographic Magazine, Outside Magazine, and Sierra Club Books. His clients have included VISA, AT&T, American Airlines, Sony and Hewlett-Packard.

Books by Dave Wilhelm