Paul Anthony

Al Baha, Saudi Arabia

I spent 3 years teaching English in Turkey, consisting of 2 years teaching Traditional Method English at a school of some 1,000 mixed teenaged students in Eskişehir; then a 6 month stint teaching police officers and even a judge as well as regular students at Kent English in Turkey’s capital Ankara, before spending a further 6 months teaching at a university near Mersin. Afterwards, I worked in Warsaw, Poland for a couple of years teaching both the Callan Method and Business English. Later, I was to spend 2 years teaching in Mataro, Spain where I perfected the art of teaching the Callan Method of Direct English. Then I enjoyed a spell at Great Chapel College in central London working as Principal. Following a position as both Director and Principal of a well-known Business College in London, I held educational/student recruitment seminars and events in the Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan and Thailand. I went on to work as Project Manager at Al Baha University, Saudi Arabia.

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