Ev Scott

Avonbank, Ontario, Canada

I am a Mixed Media artist, heavy on the MIXED. I sculpt, I carve, I mess about with inks and paints and wax and fiber. That's how I capture the world inside my head and attempt to share it. My other major passion is capturing the world AROUND me with my camera. I filter that through my eyes & my heart in an attempt to share that as well.

I especially love to catch the 'Every Day'. We often miss the beauty and miraculous in the ordinary. When the light and shadow plays with the day, when the colours dance - I am moved to grab it for eternity. Oh I do SO love living in this age of digital media.

And I love WORDS. The wit and wisdom of others that is passed down and around. I like to capture that too and marry it to my images.

I am a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a friend, an artist, and a donkey farmer. There is a bunch of other things that I am and will be, all steeped in great passion for Life and living.

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