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In summer 2007, Alleson Kase and I co-founded TAMMACHAT Natural Textiles to bring together our interests and expertise in Southeast Asian travel, weaving, fair trade, photography and supporting women weavers in rural Thailand and Laos.

We originally created our two Blurb books as "thank you" gifts for two women's weaving co-ops we visited and photographed in 2006 in Northeast Thailand. Since that time, we've had many requests for these books at textile events we hold to sell the gorgeous weavings produced by these two co-ops and others.

Although we closed TAMMACHAT in 2016, we want to keep the legacy of these women's work alive through our photo books. You may preview them for free by clicking on Preview, or buy your own copy in softcover or hardcover. Visit our online SHOP to find a final selection of TAMMACHAT's textiles: http://www.tammachat.com. And read our blog for detailed accounts of our visits to each group as we built our fair trade relationships over many years.

Areas of Expertise

photography, travel in Thailand and Laos, weaving, community development

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