Robert B Zuehlke

Vienna VA USA

Just after graduating from high school in Jackson, MI, Robert Zuehlke began writing poetry. He dropped out of college after two years during the malaise of the Vietnam. Later, he returned to college at Michigan State while working full time. He is a Phi Beta Kappa honors graduate in international economics and Asian studies.

Zuehlke and his family enjoyed a 22 year diplomatic career, serving overseas in Zurich, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Manila and domestically in Washington, developing geographic specialties in East Asia and Africa. He is now a self-employed consultant, owner of Maranwe Consulting, LLC.

Outside of government-related work, he has had multiple reflections and essays on Eastern philosophy published in the U.S., Toronto, and Hong Kong.

Composing and reading poetry have remained part of Zuehlke’s life. He lives in Vienna, VA with his wife, an airline administrator. He has three world citizen sons in humanistic careers in Washington DC, Atlanta, and Durham NC.

Books by Robert B Zuehlke