Gabi von Gans

Sutton West, Ontario, Canada

Celebrating 40 years of award winning professional portraiture and storytelling!

I launched the My Backyard-Ontario series in 2002 and it currently has its own catalogue of prints, greeting cards and the book.

The photo "Morning Whitewash" received Global National news coverage as the logo photo in Ontario's Right to Dry campaign win!!

In 2013 a 30th anniversary collection book, " My left Eye-Take 30", was launched with special Canadians from all walks of life photographed on location in Canada and beyond.

People, animals and landscapes have all posed for my left eye over the years including an upcoming storybook collection called My Backyard Garden Tales.

In 2022 I celebrate my 40th anniversary behind the lens and storytelling in multi media and print. Please follow me on social media platforms/ Gabi von Gans / and browse my current bookstore here. Bee the Change (c) GvG2022

Areas of Expertise

Portraits on location around the world and at home in Ontario, Canada.
Expert with horses, dogs and large groups.
Love black and white portraits. Fluent in German and French.

Professional Affiliations

I am an independent international portrait photographer.

Books by Gabi von Gans