Gernot Hucek

Boca Raton, Florida

Gernot Hucek has the endearing charm and manner of an old-world Austrian prince, having been raised in Vienna and the alpine countryside. As a young boy he skied to the elementary school, grateful for the downhill slopes in the early mornings. Summers were spent at the lakeside family home or in the family's 13th century castle. At the age of 21, he emigrated to the United States on a transatlantic ocean liner to marry, begin a business career, and start a family of his own. Gernot chose to become a freelance writer after his retirement from the business world. His novels and short stories are filled with romance, historical events, action, European settings, and often include his personal experiences in loose autobiographical reference.
Gernot lived in Baltimore, Maryland for many years, making yearly returns to Vienna, various European cities, and Boca Raton, Florida where he currently lives with his wife MaryAnne.

Books by Gernot Hucek