G. S. Steckling

Vista, CA, USA

G.S. Steckling is the Director of the sixty-year-old plus George Adamski Foundation, one of the oldest enduring U.F.O organizations. A University degreed, veteran 30-year retired Airline Pilot with more than 23,000 hours of flight time across the globe; also, an amateur astronomer, author, and lecturer, he emphatically shares his own unique UFO experiences and history. Speaking worldwide, he maintains an extensive UFO archive and research program which remains focused on the importance of preserving and educating the public regarding “accurate” UFO historical information and documentation - emphasizing Scientific Fact and reasoning, versus the trending populism substituting “science fiction, wishful thinking, or vivid imagination”. Resolute, he remains concentrated on the reality and vital importance of the progressive benefits of Extraterrestrial visitations.

Books by G. S. Steckling