Little INKPLAY Shop®

Hyattsville, MD USA

“Everyone has the opportunity to make a better life, but not everyone knows how to. For those who happen to know, help those who don’t”

Little INKPLAY Shop is an empowering tattoo fashion house & kawaii culture hub located right outside the DC line. Inspired by values of the Kawaii and Japanese Culture “LIPS” is a place that seeks to encourage body positive awareness, creativity, and help grow the DC area's kawaii culture, through art.

Art is such an important part of the human experience and creativity helps foster a stronger community. Together, both - kawaii + creativity help affect tremendous positive change, individually and communally.

LIPS aims to be a place where people come to be inspired by cute culture and the arts, alike – to learn about it, create it, and even participate as exhibiting artists.

Our goal is to be a resource for the youth, young-at-heart and kawaii + kawaii-adjacent communities while widening the scope of creative empowerment for all ages.

Areas of Expertise

>Strategic Branding
Define brand strategy
Develop sustainable brand

>Brand Identity
Logo, stationary and web design
Naming and tagline

>Advertising and Online Marketing
Website design and development
Email and social media marketing
Print advertising

>Art/ Brand/ Creative Entrepreneurship Coaching for ages 12+

Books by Little INKPLAY Shop®