Kinsey Barnard

Eureka, Montana

Kinsey Barnard has been photographing nature for over thirty years. Born in Santa Barbara and raised on a ranch in Ventura County CA her love of the outdoors began at a very young age. Never one for indoor pursuits her early role models were family friends Clark Gable, John Wayne and William Holden, hunters and outdoorsmen all.

Kinsey's love affair with the camera started with photography courses she took whilst in college. But, it was not until after a successful career as an international investment banker that she took up her camera in earnest and make her art public.

When not at her ranch in Montana she is on the hunt, with her sidekick Lakota, searching the U.S. and Canada for those incredible moments when Mother Nature reveals herself in extraordinary ways. "Capturing moments, that is what photography is all about."

Books by Kinsey Barnard