KPO Photo

Hillsborough, NC

My name is Kristin Prelipp Oguntoyinbo. Photography is my calling. I see myself as an observer who is looking for and photographing the beauty I see in this world. I have spent a lifetime learning to capture those images well. I have a way of relating to my subjects that puts them at ease. I am quiet and patient and kind and I am always grateful for the chance to take someone’s photo. You are asking me to be your witness and to create an image that may live on after you are gone. I mean it to be a chronicle and an heirloom.

Areas of Expertise

For 25 years I photographed for businesses, organizations, families, and engaged couples who are looking for that perfect image to capture their story. For the past 5 years I have worked as a communications expert and am now the communications manager and public information officer for the Orange County Health Department in North Carolina.

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