Lanark Highlands Basketry Museum

McDonald's Corners, Ontario, Canada

Ankaret Dean has been making baskets and teaching basketry for over 40 years. In 2016, she opened the Lanark Highlands Basketry Museum. Here, you can discover how local materials are used to make practical necessities and how many different types of basketry there are. You’ll surprise yourself with our collection of 200+ handmade baskets made with over 15 local materials!
Visit the Museum in McDonald's Corners by appointment, attend a workshop, sign up for the blog "Threads," or check out the Museum website!
Ankaret's books share information about basketry of all kinds - from gathering natural materials, to preparation, to basketmaking projects large and small! These books contain a wealth of knowledge that Ankaret and fellow basketmakers have collected over decades.

Areas of Expertise

Basketmaking, basket weaving, basketry, willow, natural materials, gardening, weaving, textiles.

Professional Affiliations

Graduate of the Sheridan College School of Design
25+ year member of Lanark County Master Gardeners

Books by Lanark Highlands Basketry Museum