Luigi M. Verde

RE, Italy

Welcome to the fantastic world of Luigi M. Verde, a metaphysical place where the author passionately celebrates the creative fusion of his two souls: Art and Science. Luigi was born in Melfi, in the suggestive South of Italy, in a distant spring of 1969, an era in which digital art was still a distant and futuristic concept. During his studies in physics and cybernetics, he discovered a deep passion for black and white photography and the darkroom.
For over three decades, Luigi has been conducting a very personal research that combines his interests in philosophy, programming and natural language, with the irresistible desire to express himself artistically through photography, the creation of digital paintings and the creation of books of art. To avoid remaining in the shadows, he actively participates in numerous cultural events both in Italy and abroad and actively dedicates himself to dissemination.

Books by Luigi M. Verde