Larry Warnock

Palm Springs, California

My involvement with the art world began 25 years ago when I was introduced to the printmaking process and developed a passion for collecting and teaching others about the medium. This eventually led to volunteer work at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, followed by six years on the Board of Directors of the Achenbach Graphic Arts Council.

I began working as a private art dealer in 1999, doing business as Warnock Fine Arts. I opened a public gallery dedicated explicitly to printmaking in San Francisco in April 2005 in the Castro neighborhood, before moving to my current location in downtown San Francisco.

Through my travels in Europe I continue to discover new artists, bringing back works by award-winning printmakers seldom seen in the United States. My goal is to seek out contemporary printmakers who have developed their own authentic voice, while mastering the same printmaking skills that have endured five centuries through . masters from Albrecht Durer to Picasso.

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